Life is so BORING without ALCOHOL – Part Three

THE COMPANY YOU KEEP In this post I’m going to look at an important piece of the mosaic of the whole having fun sober picture looks like, the company you keep. Sometimes my clients have asked me if I was really happy being sober and if it was truly possible to have a happy sober […]

Life is so BORING without ALCOHOL – Part Two

TIME In the early stages of stopping drinking, you will find that you have much more time on your hands than you had before, and a common feeling is that people are not sure what to do with  all these extra minutes and hours that they didn’t previously have. I once read that time is […]

Life is so BORING without ALCOHOL – Part One

LACK OF EXCITEMENT When we stop drinking, some of us experience a general lack of excitement for all those activities, either social or solitary, that we used to enjoy when they were accompanied by a glass or ten. Imagine alcohol, coming to you, and saying, “It’s not you … it’s me”. Well, that’s because it […]


  Anxiety is both one of the myriad of causes that the consumption of alcohol produces and the reason why most people resort to drinking in the first place. It’s like a chicken and egg situation. Maybe we have a little bit of (or a great deal of) anxiety because of traumas that have happened […]

Alcohol Awareness Week 2023: What’s the Real Cost?

“How do you know if you have a problem with alcohol?”, I asked a friend who was working as a Drugs and Alcohol keyworker many years ago. “If it’s costing you more than money”, he replied. He did not remember where he read or heard this from, but it’s a simple explanation that he often […]

Alcohol Awareness Week: Are you ready for a change?

This article was published on the Wellbeing online magazine as a contribution to the Alcohol Awareness Week UK 2022. You can find the link here. Alcohol Awareness Week this year falls on the week of 18th November. Every year there is a theme, and this year’s is Change. Change can be scary, let’s admit it. Many […]